The Absolutely Club

What is The Absolutely Club?


Club Absolutely is organised to better aquatint you with our Absolutely French Program before making the commitment to join. In the event that you are hesitant to make a deposit to reserve a spot in an upcoming session, Absolutely French invites you to experience what the normalcy of the program will be like by introducing the Absolutely Club.


Exclusive to members only, please click here to apply to become a member of the Absolutely Club. 



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Absolutely Club Member Benifits


  • Give yourself a night off and get out of the house.You live in Paris! Find your adventurous self. Get out of your comfort zone and give yourself a night to remember. 
  • Meet people and make friends. Speak in French (at least try)! Don't be shy, don't let yourself forget everyone who will be at our soirée is here to establish footing in speaking French as well! 
  • Benefit from a night of activities laid out to get to know one another and above all - teaching you to be more confident in your French skills.
  • Come with or without your kids, with or without your partner. But bring yourself before anything else!
  • Our repertoire of activities vary each time. Pick your preference between:

- museum outings, yoga sessions, bar meet-ups/hangouts, quick coffee breaks,

going for runs, shopping and so much more!



Click here to check the upcoming event/date of the Absolutely Club soirée of your preference. 



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Enjoy Paris with new Friends in original places