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To join and register for the program, we must receive your payment. Your options for methods of payment are:

  1. Your company pay for you, so we will send you the quotation by email, then you could send it to them ; or you could send ud their contact and we manage with them. As you prefer.
  2. Pay directly online
  3. Pay by bank transfer
  4. Pay in three instalments
  • If you prefer either option 2 or 3, please write to us in the message box below. Also, please note that we must receive all three payments before you start if you choose to select option 3. 
  • Our program also offers short-stay visas (under 90 days) options. If this situation applies to you, please write to us in the message box below. 

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

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The price doesn't include TVA (20%), so you need to add it.