Stroll and Learn

Take advantage of your charmed opportunity to live in this beautiful city!

You will spend this day's lesson walking in various parts of Paris while getting acquainted with the history, art and architecture embedded in her streets. Grasp the influences of ancient edifices dating back to the 1800-1900s and their momentous significance to the development of French culture


Fun games and scavenger hunts are designed to be amusing with the pivotal purpose to acquaint you with the history of Paris using various statuary,  landmarks and gardens we unveil on our stroll.

The fundamental focus is making progress to your French speaking skills. To learn the French language, one must be familiar with France and her great antiquity. 

Embrace your new home by exploring the hidden secrets in its streets.




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To know where to find the best "fromager" in Paris,

where to find foreign books for free, how to register to a sport club,...

To understand French culture, it's also important to understand your environment, and how Paris became Paris.


Become Roméo or Juliette with us,

and you will explore Paris with pleasure while you learn French so easily.




Stroll and Learn days are part of a program, you'll also get "Play and Learn" days and "Cook and Learn" days.






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