Play and Learn

The curriculum is deliberately framed around creating an undemanding atmosphere as you embark on the journey to learning French. The pressures and stress that stew from the habitual strict classroom environment create counterproductive challenges to your commitment to learn French.


We want to ensure you absorb the language with our creation of games and activities structured around its fundamentals. The games are ornamented with French learning tools like dialect, French expressions, terminology, vocabulary, conversation, and communication.


This approach inspires your apperception of the beautiful, but complicated, French language. Utilizing a playful concept makes the components you learn easier to bear in mind.


Absolutely encourages the exchange of laughter amongst one another as we play to learn French!


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The linguistic objectives of the games are: 

  • Speaking (of course)
  • Job interview preparation
  • Countries (and their prepositions)
  • Feminine and masculine words (and how to properly use them in a sentence, i.e. le, la, mon, ma, etc.)
  • and more!!!!

We pride ourselves in teaching you all the nuisances of the French language in forms of pastime and entertainment. You will easily recall everything you learned without even realizing you learned it!


Play and Learn days are part of a program, you'll also get "Cook and Learn" days and "Stroll and Learn" days.