E-Learning Platform


Absolutely French provides you a great adventure : learning French through games, cooking class, and visits of Paris, in a friendly atmosphere.

But we didn't tell you that you'll also get access to an E-learning platform to complete your teaching process.


On that E-learning platform, you could listen all sentences and words that you need to listen again,

do your homework (not too much!) and also chat with others students, if you want to share tips or ask others for help.



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Because E-learning is good, but Intranet is too.


In your Intranet, you could keep all your documents, know when is the next day and where, find the teacher phone number if you lost it, and much more.

You could also send messages to teachers and other expats and know more about others : in wich district they live, if they have kids...if they were agree to give you those informations.


In your Intranet, you will also get all events proposed by the Club Absolutely, and could register on line.


Your Intranet will make your French training easier.