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Cook and Learn

We embrace incorporating French cuisine to encourage a stronger understanding of the language. During this French lesson, you will prepare a menu, discover and experience the pertinency of French wine culture, dine and practice your French at the same time!


Enjoy the company of expats from all over the world who share a comparable acquaintance with your experience as a foreigner in France. Spend your day cooking, meeting new people and learning by truly immersing yourself into the French culture


You'll have talent in traditional French cuisine that you can take to brag about back home!

We begin this day's lesson at a French market, gathering fresh ingredients to make our dish of the day. Enjoy the satisfaction in finding the ingredients our recipe calls for, ask the sellers questions, all the while practicing your French without even realizing it!


Cook and Learn days are part of a program, you also get "Play and Learn" days and "Stroll and Learn" days.