International Survey about expatriation in 6 languages

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Why an International survey about expatriation and impatriation?


Because, we think that we always need to understand you better to serve you better.

Because International Mobility is moving a lot, with different forms, different profils so different needs.

This is why we decided to launch this survey.


To whom?


To all women and men who were or are expatriates or expat partners, single or in couple, with or without kids.


How long does it take?


Just 10 minutes!


You were/are not expat?


May be you know a friend who is expat or was expat, so please share this survey with him/her or just "like" the post. Thank you!


To answer the survey

Thank you so much for your time, we really appreciate your help,




This survey has been created by

@Absolutely French and our partner @Alceis Global Nomads