We've already teached  French to expat partners from these companies

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They trust in us, we trust in them : our partners

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We recommend Alceis for their ptofessionnalism and because they will welcome you the way you need.

Alceis is a relocation agency, they help impatriates before arrival, in France during your installation period and when you leave. They choose with you the best place for your needs and all about administrative and schooling for your kids.

They also propose coaching to help you when you are in France : business coaching, intercultural coaching and for the accompanying spouse.

                             Visit their website to know more


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Homat is the best way when you don't want to buy furniture (it takes time) and then spend time also to sell it before you leave. Save time and meet a team dediacted to help you.
HOMAT, the leading specialist in furniture and appliances rental
from 3 days.
Rent modern and practical furniture to feel at home !
Everywhere in France.
Choose the lenght of your rent with your selected furnitures (no pre-set packages).
Personalized service, we work within your budget, our team is bilingual. www.homat.fr
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An online digital radio station for English speaking expats all over the world. Ex-pat Radio Offers up a diverse array of programming covering an eclectic taste in music, topics, interviews, competitions, news and politics; our goal is to present in styles that will provide a little bit of home, nostalgia and all round radio entertainment.



We believe it's essential for a radio station to engage with listeners by hosting shows that appeal to a wide range of age groups. Whatever your personal taste in music, be it rock, dance, hip-hop, disco, motown, country, northern soul, Classical or golden oldies, you can be sure to find something that will resonate with your own tastes.





The new private and bilingual Montessori school create by Delphine Martinie in Neuilly-sur-Seine offers a quality cursus for your children. The objective of this school is to create an new environment which help each child to develop his point of view intellectual, human and emotional.


Moreover, Montessori school dispense french courses the saturday at 9h15 to 10h45 to beginner children or no between 3 and 12 years old. The children learn french in small group with creatives workshop, games, histories and more other.