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Absolutely French was created by Armelle Perben who was inspired by her own experience living as an expat. She’s had the acquaintance with living in 6 different countries around the world. 


Seven years ago today, Armelle had a compelling interaction that would later be her inspiration for creating Absolutely French. Living in the mystic lands of India, she met a French expat partner like herself. This woman lived in a beautiful house situated with a garden occupied by fruitful coconut trees. Despite her seemingly appealing life, the woman was bored and lonely living in a foreign land of which she cannot speak the language. 



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The motivating force behind Absolutely French is to value the advantage of living in a foreign place. Life is beautiful. To live in a an unfamiliar territory should be a felicitous experience, not an unfortunate one. With the most dominant difficulty as an expat in France (or in any given foreign country) being language barrier, Armelle founded Absolutely French to welcome foreigners to France, and to assist in a comfortable integration.  


Absolutely French was founded 5 years ago and is the first and only school of French where you can experience what you learn and never be bored doing so.