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Find your place in France

Make your expatriation a professionnal opportunity


You've just arrived in France, and you don't speak a word, we do have a dedicated program for beginners!

You've spend already one to ten years in France, understand a little bit, but you would like to improve your oral skills? We also have something for you!

Your goal is to learn French, but not only that! Feel at home in France, integrate easily and optimize your expatriation to improve your employability!

Absolutely French is dedicated to you!


Absolutely French is providing an exceptional learning experience for expat spouses who have recently moved to France.

We believe the most effective way to learn the French language is by immersion into its culture

and learning by doing!


Our program offers French lessons through games, but also through cooking classes and treasure hunts in Paris.

You need to speak French and integrate quickly to build your life project during this expatriation.



The Absolutely French team is dedicated to ensuring that you leave each day's lesson with more confidence in your French speaking, listening and communication skills. The program's objective is to encourage you to apply what you learn to your day-to-day life as an expat in France, fostering amenability to your (recent or former) integration into France.

We welcome all expats, english or non-english speakers (japanese, indian, portuguese, spanish, chinese...) to join us on adventures and memories that will last a lifetime.


Cook, play, and stroll to learn as you discover Paris Parisian style as you improve your French skills.


Discover our Week-days courses or our Saturdays Courses




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Teaching Philosophy

Absolutely French is averse to the archetypal note taking 'behind a desk' circumstances when it comes to learning a new language.  We believe that all the materials you need to learning French should be taught in the form of games and activities.


The philosophy behind our approach is to familiarize our students with the basics of French in a semblance of gratifying exchanges (between you, the group and the teacher) versus submitting a jump-start to learning French grammar, syntax and sentence structure behind your desk in a large classroom with an instructor yelling at you in a language you don't understand.

Our method has been conceded and recognised by various esteemed corporations and acclaimed education institutions in France. 


As a complement to our programs, you'll use our E-learning application and our school Intranet to contact with other expats (if you want it).


 You want to know more?

Call us (Toll Free Number) : 01 83 73 98 49

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The correlation between your learning environment and instructor have a strong impact on your capacity to absorb a new language.

We create a friendly atmosphere to give you the sense that you are taken care of and safe to ask your teacher any questions that come to mind. 

 To feel more at home in your home away from home, having a network of people (expats and Parisians alike) promotes a smoother integration in France.

Joining our program qualifies your free admission to our private Club Absolutely.


Come make your dream to speak the beautiful language of French come true with Absolutely French. Click here for upcoming dates.

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